Lannue International

Brass Gua Sha


A high quality brass facial massage tool that lifts and smoothes the skin. Used since the feudal times by the Chinese and Koreans to stimulate oxygenated blood flow into different facial areas to promote cell repair, regeneration, healing and recovery. 

Before first use: 

  • Please soak in vinegar water (1:20 ratio, vinegar to water) for 10-20 mins before using the first time

For further details on how to clean the Gua Sha please refer to our "How to clean Gua Sha" section below. 

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Moment of tradition

Reinterpreting Chinese traditional massage through Korea’s traditional material ‘chaudron (brass)’

“Presenting you the hand-made mastery”

Introducing you the premium guasha with the finest design on the brass of millenial history

Recommended for customers who: 

Are looking for sustainable, semi-permanent products

Often experience swelling

Wish to experience handy facial shape care 

Are looking for all-round Gua Sha from face to body

Are looking for more acupressure than typical masseur tool

Balance Solution Design - 4 Point Massage

The careful craftsmanship of the curves of the Gua Sha provides the grip and weight that allows the most effective massage with minimal force.

Round Zone

Stimulates blood and lymph circulation in the forehead 

U Zone

Acupressure on the neck and chin, stimulating blood circulation and contour care

V Zone

 Acupressure on small parts such as temple, stimulating blood circulation

Wave Zone

Acupressure on cheek and clavicle, stimulating blood and lymph circulation

It is made from the best material ratio of 78% Copper and 22% Tin, as a semi-permanent product with high-quality brass mixed at the best proportion of carefully selected ingredients.

The product is safe with the antibacterial effects of brass; as an ingredient used for Korea’s traditional tableware, Lannue’s Gua Sha is isothermal and allows various types of face massages.

STEP 1: 10 minutes in vinegar-mixed water

Before using the product, soak and wash the Gua Sha into the mixture of warm water (20) : vinegar (1) for 10-20 minutes.

STEP 2: Green scrubber and neutral detergent

Washing the product can cause the oxide film of the chaudron to thicken and stain when washed with soft materials.

You can maintain the quality of the product by rubbing it with green scrubber and neutral detergent.

washing it with an iron scrubber can cause scratches to the product.

STEP 3: When there are water stains

Wipe the product thoroughly with a dry cloth before drying to avoid leaving water stains.

STEP 4: When unused for a long time

When unused for a long time, keep the product in the package after completely drying. 

Please check before the purchase.

Below examples are not eligible to our refund policy:

There may be slight black stains on the product, but do not worry; these can easily be removed with a simple wash.

Handmade through molding, small scratches or bubbles may be observable.

There may be a slight discrepancy in the logo printing caused in the handmade process.

There may be small scratches caused in the manufacturing process.